Track 1 - Information Technology in Automation

Track Chairs

Alois Zoitl, Johannes Kepler University

Alois Zoitl

Johannes Kepler University, Austria
Wolfgang Kastner, Technical University of Wien

Wolfgang Kastner

Technical University of Wien, Austria

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Track on Information Technology in Automation is focused on the development, adoption and application of information technology for automation systems.

Topics under this track include (but not limited to)

  • IT Modeling Techniques for Automation Systems
  • Model Driven Development and Model Based Engineering in Automation and Mechatronic Systems
  • Data Modeling along the Plant Life Cycle
  • Domain Specific Modeling and Programming Languages
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Ontologies and Semantic Web in Automation Systems
  • IT Architecture techniques in Automation Systems
  • Vertical Integration and Integration with MES and ERP Systems
  • Energy Management in and by Automated Systems
  • Software Reuse, Software Product Lines, and other Software Engineering Methods in Automation
  • Agile software development in Automation
  • Dynamically Reconfigurable, Adaptive, and Emergent Automation Software/Systems
  • Security and Safety in Factory, Energy, Home and Building Automation
  • Case Studies and Application Reports